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Form 8546: Claim for Reimbursement of Bank Charges Incurred Due to Erroneous Services Levy or Misplaced Payment Check

Yes, the IRS is known for making mistakes from time to time.  When the IRS, by known mistake, levies one of your accounts and you have proof or substantial documentation Form 8546 can be filed to get reimbursed for the expense.  

Is it worth filing Form 8546?  Yes, depending on the circumstances and the amount that you are asking the IRS to refund.  However, usually charges are relatively small amounts and is only going to be worth it if that taxpayer prepares and files Form 8546 on his or her own as the fee a professional might have to charge would nearly equal the amount you are trying to get refunded.

What expenses will the IRS refund?  The IRS will refund bank charges that include a financial institution’s customary charge for complying with the levy instructions and charges for overdrafts that are a direct consequence of an erroneous levy.  In addition, there are times when a taxpayer’s check may be lost or misplaced in processing.  When the IRS asks for a replacement check, the taxpayer maybe reimbursed for bank charges incurred in stopping payment on the original check.  The charges must have been paid by the taxpayer and must not have been waived or reimbursed by the financial institution. All claims must be filed within one year after the expense.

Form 8546 is a one page form with a one page instruction.  Please read the entire form before submitting and be sure your claim meets all the requirements.  Include copies of required documents.

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